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ISISの過激派と戦っていた夫に会うために子供たちをシリアに連れて行った5人の母親であるShukee Begumは、彼が去ることを拒否し、密輸業者に誘拐された後、彼女がどのようにISISの領土に閉じ込められたかを明らかにします. 毎日、このように購読してください: 危険な世界: 説明されたニュース: 音楽: テクノロジー: Facebook でいいね! Twitter でフォローしてください:

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'Isis…it was just not my cup of tea': British mum speaks
'Isis…it was just not my cup of tea': British mum speaks

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'Isis…it was just not my cup of tea': British mum speaks。

it’s not my cup of tea。

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40 thoughts on “'Isis…it was just not my cup of tea': British mum speaks | it’s not my cup of teaに関する一般的な知識が最も正確です

  1. Emmamay says:

    He abandoned you he is no family man and you are stoopid going on holiday there and returning, who do you think you are? Why is England letting fools like this back

  2. Character Fitness says:

    She wanted to bring her husband home? But took 5 kids to her husband, LIE, she wanted to stay and start family there, let her be there

  3. Rubi Begum says:

    I’m sorry for judging, however didn’t she feel like as a mother she was using her children to gain her husband back. The children cant give you consent if they want to be dragged into a war zone country to bring back their dad. If I was in her position I would leave that man alone and put my children safety first.

  4. Ataa Maria says:

    Her story is very fishy
    i believe she and her husband planned to move to Syria but the situation got worse for them and now she is playing the victim
    All the places they could had gone for holidays they chose THe border of Turkey

  5. Aztec Girl says:

    Well I guess the bright side of this story,….if you can find one….I’m happy she’s warning other young girls.

  6. Aztec Girl says:


  7. Peter Grundy says:

    Treason option one strip them of passports option two they may return but sentence is 20 years jail for treason

  8. I know you’re right, but says:

    Nice try by Channel 4 for suggesting her to say “not my cup of tea” to make her sound more British. We can see through your fucked up lies and agenda.

  9. addo says:

    Bullshit story,why at first UK allow muslim to stay in their country,now they started sharia law issue their too.

  10. Raju Basnyat says:

    Why do planes even take people there? Places like this should be abandoned by any means of transportation

  11. Wajidul Haque says:

    She went to Syria with her 5 children's, definatly she went to Syria to join Isis that's for sure,otherwise who will take their children's to war running country

  12. Quezbot says:

    So you joined a terrorist group that kills people, you didn't like it, and now want to come back. NO PROBLEM!

  13. Madam Mombeshora says:

    IS lost that's why, period. Who would take young children in a war zone. If you wanted to take your husband home you could have gone alone. No sympathy.

  14. Zg Zg says:

    This person shukee begum is getting mistakend for shamima begum the 19 yr old on another video which is receiving so much hate coz they think she's that 19 yr old fool when she's not …

  15. Caz PK says:

    Family man who rapes Yazidi young girls geez Why are these educated articulate women even going back to the middle east ?

  16. Tim Lindmark says:

    I think i got a soulution. Put a tracker on her,cameras in her home, put a fetter on her and only let her be out between 6 am to 10pm. And if she works late she has to contact the police and show proof of that

  17. lilly mai says:

    Seriously if your husband leaves you to join isis that should be the end of the story. You don't follow him and take your 5 kids there from the safety of the uk. It's ridiculous she doesn't deserve her 5 kids. And I believe she was supportive of isis or else why take your kids there.

  18. Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine says:

    What’s the deal here? Because she’s a woman with kids, she doesn’t get arrested and judged?… All the sudden it’s a sob story??… Picture the other gender version.

  19. John Smith says:

    If Isis had treated her well, she would have supported Isis bombed Manchester Arena or run over people on the London bridge. Revoke tratiors passport.

  20. Earl Duke says:

    The new plan is probably to raise the 5 kids to cause havoc and start a sleeper cell in the u.k with their family.


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