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How to Create a Photo Mosaic in Lightroom & Photoshop
How to Create a Photo Mosaic in Lightroom & Photoshop

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How to Create a Photo Mosaic in Lightroom & Photoshop。

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43 thoughts on “How to Create a Photo Mosaic in Lightroom & Photoshop | lightroom モザイクに関するすべての文書が最も正確です

  1. David Müller says:

    hey great video!! could you advice pls what to do when i have 2 faces on the main image? ilke i dont manage to make the main image to stand out enough…and the faces get covered by the pattern- mosaic

  2. VG says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial, yeah I know it's been out for 4 years! Anyway, is there any way to "lessen" the effect in just one area. I'm satisfied with the overall pattern, except on the face portion of the image. Is there a way to change the pattern opacity, just on the face – while keeping it the same everywhere else?

  3. Jorge Spina says:

    Best explanation ever!!!! I'm preparing a video about my family and I Wanted to use this effect. I downloaded some apps but none of them created the effect I wanted. This is perfect and so easy! Thanks for your explanation

  4. Charlie Wetherington says:

    I have a yearly project that involves me needing to collect hundreds of photos and convert them all to squares and place them on a grid. And every year I come back to this video to remind myself of this process. So, thank you for 4 years of making my life easier!

  5. Nicholas Syl says:

    This is great! Doing this right now. (Or trying to.. )
    My PC is definitely NOT build to handle 1521 photos at once. But it's working, with some patience. 😅👍🏻

  6. LunaticHub says:

    I don't have 300 photos so i used 30 but copy pasted them to be 300, how can i randomize them in the pattern so there won't be the same photo next to each other?

  7. Juan D Macias says:

    Hi Aaron!! Thanks so much for all you do!! I'm new to Photoshop and LR…. can this be done on the new LIGHTROOM? I don't use classic… Thanks in advance.

  8. I'm Mason, like the Jar says:

    Best tutorial I've found so far! How do I randomize the image layout if I don't want them their current order?

  9. Joseph Plummer says:

    I'm curious about linking a photo in the mosaic to another object that presents additional information.

  10. ctoxyz says:

    that moment.. you realize.. you wasted $ + TIME on people you asked to make mosaic… when all the while it was resident IN PS which you've used since v2.. GRR..

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Shannon Owens says:

    Does the rows and columns change in the thumbnail section if I have more or less than 300 pictures?

  12. fayenorcliffe Norcliffe-Pye says:

    For the life of me I can not find the sync settings please help. Just downloaded LR today xx

  13. aychristianx says:

    So, this is really random and on a random video, but you have no clue how awesome you are and instrumental you've been to my career and my current life. I built my career upon your photoshop videos and, although I'm currently a video editor and motion graphics artist, I started out as a portrait photographer and then night life photographer, and I used YOUR videos to learn everything I know. It's been 8 years since then, I owe the future that I now have thanks to you. Thank you.

  14. 1 2 says:

    the resulting image doesn't look like it was really made from the smaller photos though. the trick is obvious and corny. too bad.

  15. meet patel says:

    ok so can you plzz tell me how can I make just the pattern behind my image transparent.. and the background pattern will be as it is

  16. Blurry Panda says:

    Hi, may i know if there is a way to randomize the photo in the selected folder for the mosaic or a way that photoshop can select photos based on the colour tone to fit the background picture so that it does not look like its just a simple picture where another layer is just lightly covering the main picture something like that?
    Specifically, I just wanna know if I can randomize the order of the photos.

  17. Robot- Mosaic says:

    We can assemble it for 3 working days. 1 second per chip. Mosaic chip 10х10 мм., size of the picture 4.3 х 3.5 miters


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